Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Happy shopping peeps!

Description: Island shop and tie belt at waist

Size: 8 ( can fit m size)

Condition: Excellent. Gently worn for about twice only.

Selling Price: RM30

Description: Looking for office entire! Chic look especially when u ware it with black panty host-betul ke eja

Size: M

Condition: Excellent.

Selling Price: RM37 only!

Description: G2000 Long-sleeved top, Stretchable and round-neck.

Size: XS / S

Condition: Good. Worn for a few times.

Selling Price: RM20 SOLD

Description: SEED top and corset style at the back and front to create a chic look!

Size: M

Condition: Good and Worn

Selling Price: RM20 only!

Description: Giordano baby t

Size: M

Condition: Good. Worn it twice

Selling Price: RM10 only! SOLD

Description: Giordano baby t
Size: S
Condition: Excellent. Worn only twice.
Selling Price: RM10 only! SOLD

Buy TWO at only RM18! go and grab it! SOLD

More tops and shoes for next entry!


  1. wah..suda mau menjadi seorang bussiness woman la ek,,,ehehehehe...bagus2 keep it up!!!eh,,kt minat la G2000 Long sleeved top 2 still available lg ke?..kalo ok nk jd ur 1st customer la..ehehehehehe...ble?..;p ape2 nt bgtau la ek,,,dadaaaa....

    Yup available, kalau agrreed pls email at