Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome to yaya's shop.
Will update from time to time.
Happy shopping peeps!

Description: Island shop and tie belt at waist

Size: 8 ( can fit m size)

Condition: Excellent. Gently worn for about twice only.

Selling Price: RM30

Description: Looking for office entire! Chic look especially when u ware it with black panty host-betul ke eja

Size: M

Condition: Excellent.

Selling Price: RM37 only!

Description: G2000 Long-sleeved top, Stretchable and round-neck.

Size: XS / S

Condition: Good. Worn for a few times.

Selling Price: RM20 SOLD

Description: SEED top and corset style at the back and front to create a chic look!

Size: M

Condition: Good and Worn

Selling Price: RM20 only!

Description: Giordano baby t

Size: M

Condition: Good. Worn it twice

Selling Price: RM10 only! SOLD

Description: Giordano baby t
Size: S
Condition: Excellent. Worn only twice.
Selling Price: RM10 only! SOLD

Buy TWO at only RM18! go and grab it! SOLD

More tops and shoes for next entry!